Christa's Bio

My journey to yoga has seemed long and slow at times, yet never, as may be the case in other physical practices, really marked by humiliation. I think that's because true yogis, teachers I've been blessed to have on my path, never judge. They never say "you can't." 

So, my knees have healed (from a point after having my son where they shot out from under me at random moments). My body has shed a lot of pounds. And my mind has shed a lot of the stress and pressure that is so common in Alberta. I'm pretty sure that I'm beginning to see the light. Enough of it that I can teach you how, too.

Granted, maybe I had to get out of Alberta to learn those lessons. I've travelled to 40ish countries and lived all over Canada, in Arizona, in Australia. I've drunk from the well of the humble, I've marvelled at the souls of the lofty. I've taught high school chemistry, I've worked for the government, I've picked squash in the desert and driven cattle in the Outback. I've had a lot of fun, I've had a lot of sorrow. And thanks to yoga, I believe I can get better with every day that passes. When I say "get better," I mean "give more." Give more to you

I used to think that maybe yoga was a selfish practice, because it's so delicious. On your mat, you're with yourself, taking care of yourself, taking quiet time alone. It has been explained to me that this self-maintenance, this self-truth, only makes us able to give more to others off the mat. It's true. We're healthier, happier. Wealthier, wiser. Better parents. Better friends.

So join me. And walk this blissful path yourself.

Namaste (peace),