The more you study yoga, the more stories you hear of wonder and hope and eternal youthfulness. Talk to anyone who has pursued yoga for any period of time, and an essence of magic sparkles in their stories.

The stories below inspire me because I am one person (of many) who has achieved much greater physical fitness and mental serenity than I had before I found yoga. (Ingredients of my own yoga path have included a lot of weight loss, healed chronic injuries, and the need to develop the mental strength and strategies to survive, and even thrive, despite (because of?) some rather large doses of adversity.)

Every year that I pursue yoga, I become younger and fitter and happier than I was the year before. I hope that I can help you to discover some of this magic for yourself.

BKS Iyengar has become one of the greatest yogis or our time
He began as a child so sickly and weak, that his
teachers told him not even to participate in breathing exercises as he probably couldn't handle it. 
Did he ever show them!
(He's 94 at right, and, as you can see, doing fine.)

Joseph Pilates is another person who studied yoga and invented a system that inspires millions of people to fitness, yet started out sickly and weak. 

Traci Williams is a contemporary of mine who has had physical impairments written into the story of her life from birth, and yet who uses her own lessons to teach and inspire many other people toward their own better health. Brainy professional, musician, yogini, fierce hard worker. She teaches classes to people who really need them, she volunteers, and she writes to people (like me) on the internet with words of hope. That we all might be so generous.