Girls' Night Out !

Perfect for a stagette party or a get-together with your favourite women.

You get:

A 1.5 hour bellydancing lesson for you and a group of

your goddess girlfriends.

Back health, prenatal information, female stuff.

Tantric tips.

Go out and practice by dancing up a storm to show off your new moves!


Bellydance is deliciously healthy for a few reasons.

When we dance to music we resonate with, our hearts and souls are called to be whole and happy. Bellydance music is often very, very old music, or music patterns. When you listen, you can hear the circles and cycles of life, and your body moves along.

Bellydance keeps your body's core supple and strong. Almost all of the things that cause disease accumulate in your core. Moving, twisting, spinning, sliding, dancing your core helps to eliminate toxins and promote vitality. 

Bellydance connects us with other women -- women in our lives, women around the world, and women over thousands of years. Women have been bellydancing for millennia to strengthen their bodies in special, ultra-female ways for childbirth and lovemaking. When our hearts feel this connection, they are happy.

Physiologically, bellydance really works the supple strength of your spine into corners you may never have discovered before. It increases blood flow, gives your fascia tissues a thorough stretch, and builds core strength.

Our ideal female energy, Shakti, means dependence on no-one, yet being interdependent with the entire universe. That's what bellydance is all about. Building our confidence as women to be both more with each other, and more able to stand, and enjoy, on our own.