Yoga can make you taller! 

A continued yoga practice will make you healthier physically and mentally.
You will become more aware of your body and how to keep it happy.

You may lose weight.
You will probably become stronger and more flexible.

Your immune system will improve as you increase your blood flow 
and the rate at which your system eliminates toxins.

Your skin tone will improve. Your muscle tone will improve. Your eyes will be more clear.

You'll get that special glow that yoga gives folks.

Benefits of Bellydance

Increased body awareness
Increased confidence
Core strength development
Back health
Increased flexibility, balance, and stability.
Cool moves

Actually, all those benefits of bellydance are also applicable to yoga too.

There is a very great likelihood that frequent yoga will make you smile more. And you'll smile right from your heart, and it will show in your walk.