Beginners Welcome!

Beginners are always welcome in my classes or for a private session. I am so excited to introduce new people to this magic that helps posture, confidence, health, and energy.

The number one rule for any physical yoga practice is to listen to your own body before the instructor. 

You will never be asked to do anything that hurts or injures you. Every suggestion by a yoga instructor is just that -- a suggestion. Don't blindly obey any instruction if your body is telling you to back off. You are always free to rest, to take time to think, to stretch left instead of right. Take what you need. It's your yoga. You are on your mat and responsible only within  and to yourself for the duration of the class. 

In many classes, there is not enough time to go over the precise alignment of a pose, how to place your feet and hands, or how to align your hips. That is one reason that it can be lovely to have a private or small-group session; however, you can also ask  before and after class. Ask all your questions at will! Be comfortable with your yoga and your practice. Ask for what you need to understand.

Beginners are always welcome in our yoga school. You will never need to feel that you are "holding the class back," because we all know that your yoga happens on your mat. Every yogi is free to refrain from any pose any time, and nobody will judge you. For all we know, you have an injury, are feeling a twinge, are taking a moment to revel in the bliss of the last pose... or just waiting to fully understand the pose before you launch into it after class, after the next six classes, or next year.

It's yoga. It's your yoga. Just come and get on the mat. It's all good!